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Usually our residents have exhausted their support systems and have demonstrated that the traditional outpatient treatment and casework models are inadequate for them. Their pathology is too severe, or too unstable or too overwhelming to be successfully managed and treated on an outpatient basis or in other facilities. Frequently, we are the last stop before long-term institutional care. Occasionally, we function as a low-cost alternative to frequent acute care psychiatric hospitalization, and, for many individuals, we offer County Mental Health Boards or Agencies an effective low-cost alternative to the State hospitals. Most of all, each of our residents come to us because they need more than the traditional outpatient approach to treating their problems.


Here are some who have recovered or found a better way and quality of life. We feel it is inappropriate to list names of current or past clients even with their or their guardians’ permission. We feel the success of our clients belongs to them. We merely get the joy and pleasure of being involved in their life in a positive and rewarding way.

Client 1 -


In the early 80s we were interviewing potential clients who were deemed too insane or dangerous to their selves or others and found a young man in his early 20s. He showed more than potential and had known only the state hospital since the age of 18.


After an interview with the client and monitoring physicians, we offered a transitional living solution where this client would come and stay with us for a specific period of time while working closely with a psychiatrist, social worker and other professionals in our home. At one time, his record documented that he would never be able to function in society, live on his own or be med-compliant without constant supervision. After living in our home for 6 short years (the longest he has known since childhood outside of a psych ward or state hospital), he not only surprised us with his eagerness to learn about his mental illness but settled in and learned that he was finally in a safe place surrounded by other people who suffer from mental illness and trying to find their place in this world. He did become med-compliant, hygiene-compliant, attended all of his groups and sessions and has since lived on his own with a roommate for more than 15 years. The home he rents less than a block away is owned by us. He comes by the facility often, hanging out with the other clients and he sometimes eats with us. He has also discovered an ability to manage his own money, providing for himself and his home. Sure he did accept redirection from our staff and allowed us to be informative on his life choices, but he’s the one who initially asked for help.


Client 2 -


It was also documented that Client 2 would only know living in a severely secured setting like a state hospital or locked down facility. We worked with his current physicians and his current placement and arranged an agreement to try our level of care. Client 2 suffered from a sever speech impediment. He had closed himself off to the world, and truly seemed to want to isolate, only coming around for meals and med pass. Hygiene was also an issue. We continued to engage him, socially, and one on one through our staff, community and through different sources of counseling and psychiatrists and other licensed on call members. In time, due to different medication adjustment and many other factors, he surprised us one day when he entered our staff office and requested a meeting.


During the meeting he indicated that he liked it here and he was very anxious to get a job. His guardian didn’t think he was ready and admittedly, neither did we. But we set out a plan that if followed, would give him the best chance of getting and keeping a job. The plan consisted of hygiene and med-compliance, attending all groups, attending resident council meetings and trying to apply what he had been learning in our home and with other clients. Through some struggle and perseverance, he exceeded all of his treatment programming, and after being with us for nearly 7 years, he applied at the local united thrift shop. For the past 15 years plus, he has been living with a roommate, working fulltime and attending church regularly. He has never had to be re-admitted to the hospital or come back with us. He comes by the home occasionally and socializes and eats. We have an open door policy with all our clients present or past. This client has since been deemed competent and no longer needs 24 hour supervision or a guardian.


Client 3 -


This young woman holds the record for admissions. By the time she was 38, she had been admitted almost 600 times. She never knew any kind of stability - hygienic, med-compliance, treatment plan or simply a safe normal familiar atmosphere. According to her record, she was to remain in a either a locked unit in a hospital or a locked nursing home. So she came to us. There was definitely a tough transition for her in getting used to our structured rest home. It took a lot of consistency to show her that she was safe and certain behaviors were not okay and that she was capable of recognizing this. Because we held her accountable for her actions, she learned there are consequences anywhere you go. But we tried to show her a reason to give us a try. Through treatment meeting her specific needs, our staff showed her that she could live here with freedom. She could come and go and socialize with other women who like her, are in a safe place. With quality of life worth sticking around for, she lived with us for many years. Our staff found it hard to say goodbye when her health declined and she needed a higher level of care than we could provide. She went to a nursing home and bragged to all the clients there that she was able to live in a level of care that gave her memorable experiences and that she gained her freedom back. She passed away shortly afterwards. She is still loved and missed.


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