For The Chronically Mentally Ill, A Good Home Can Be Hard To Find

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or call, (740) 375-5581

We are a group of long term care facilities specializing in serving those individuals with mental, emotional, and/or behavior problems. All care is provided in facilities licensed by the State of Ohio. We offer different levels of care and many of our facilities are located near each other so that we can offer the least restrictive and least expensive care appropriate and possible for each individual resident. Approximately 25% of our residents move to less restrictive environments each year!


Call our Buckeye Family placement office for a free consultation. If we are not an appropriate placement, we will try to refer you to an appropriate placement. Our placement office telephone number
is (740) 375-5581.

Our residents do not come to us with simple or "easy" problems and we do not offer simple or "easy" answers. We offer solutions.

Buckeye Family is a group of residential facilities affiliated by common ownership, joint programming and similar specialization.

Many of our Buckeye Family residents have discovered that living with us represents a higher quality of life. Here are some of their stories.

Buckeye Family

170 Fairfax Rd.

Marion, OH 43302

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